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September 29, 2008

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The Evil Twin Gets the Credit, Again

St. Paul, Minn.


Sorry, but I have no sympathy for the sudden poverty of investment bankers who've gamed and likely destroyed our financial system in the relentless pursuit of wealth.

Sarah Palin's self-appointed role as censor of her local public library takes center stage as librarians observe Banned Book Week.

The house of global finance is on fire--and the lightning bailout of AIG raises serious question about government's capacity to extinguish the flames.

An epic deflation of wealth sweeps away arrogant financiers and their fraudulent gimmicks, settin the stage for reform.

Her politics are detestable, but can we take a moment to recognize that Sarah Palin is one tough woman?

Will the missing issues of gangs, poverty, dropouts, the inner city and policing redefine the presidential debate?

With his deceptive ad linking Obama to condom ed for kindergartners, McCain broaches he'd best avoid.

We are pleased to note several additions to our masthead.

The old warrior deploys sex as a central political weapon to recharge his potency and his party's fortunes. Is there a trap here?

Reading Bob Woodward, defending Amy Goodman, evaluating Governor Palin.

Sarah Palin played a key role in the Bush administration's effort to ditch the Endangered Species Act.

Instead of bailing out the money guys who created the housing crisis, Washington should concentrate on healing the victims.



Fifty-seven million American families, who put their money in theoretically stable investments find themselves staring into the abyss.


As bigwigs get bailouts, taxpayers ponder layoffs, ruined retirements and wiped out college funds. Yet neither McCain or Obama have tapped into that anger.


To win this election and save the country, Obama must renounce the scoundrels from both parties who plunged us into economic crisis.


If we can collectively resist the urge to sell and cement our losses, the cratering economy could finally hit the floor


Taking over Fannie, Freddie, banks and brokerages is one thing; knowing what to do with them is something else.

Don Haskins made his mark on college basketball and on America, as he fought to make the hardwood a level playing field for all.


Ten tough questions for Sarah Palin. Really tough.

Obama's responses to the crises of the war and the failing economy are so flimsy, no wonder the GOP has so handily changed the subject.


The idea that Sarah Palin is experienced, ethical and wise would be laughable, if it weren't so alarming.

The central thesis of Thomas Frank's new book, The Wrecking Crew, is that the kind of obscene depravity witnessed at the Department. of Interior is the natural result of the conservative philosophy of governance.

The Rage Against the Machine guitarist recounts his raucous RNC protest and explains his inspiration for melding politics and popular music.

McCain's running mate says she's ready to launch World War III, but on whose behalf?

This Week: Various players get ready for the Big Sleep.

Can Congress build a platform to change America's juvenile justice system?

Young voters could be the key to victory for Obama and Democratic Congressional candidates. Here's how they're changing the electoral map.

The man instrumental in a White House move to deport John Lennon in 1972 now heads McCain's transition team.

As the Palin bandwagon gathers steam, progressive Alaskans who know her raise objections.

As the UN meets today to assess its plan to heal a suffering world, the billions of women who still lack fundamental rights--especially reproductive rights- must be heard.

Veteran journalist Dick Meyer discusses America's love-hate relationship with itself.

What are we to make of a straight-talking maverick who spends his 70th birthday on the yacht of an A-list con man?

Recent war crimes charges against the Sudanese president reveal the rights-based politics of the world's "new humanitarian order."

Dangling cargo to win local support, Western enviros have instead aroused ire in Papua New Guinea.

Books & the Arts


Just about the only thing Amy Winehouse hasn't repackaged from the black music archives is the one thing she could use: a lesson in Motown etiquette.


Ingrid Rowland's Giordano Bruno rediscovers the Renaissance philosopher and heretic.


Comic books, once the source of cultural panic, have achieved a dominant hold on the public imagination.


Eels are slimy creatures.
But never lie. If they sense
the slightest pretence, they'll
bite off your finger. Carefully
study the hands of politicians.

3rd Party Article

A social worker reflects on a foster care survivor's battle to get the mental health support he needed.

Swing Semester's Anima La Voy talks about how she's trying to get progressive youth to swing the nation.

Blogging isn't easy. Just ask May Alhassen, one of several contributors to a mostly Arab-American blog.


From the February 7, 1948, issue.


1 and 5 One sometimes does before shaving--with heavy exercise, too. (5,2,1,6)