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November 3, 2008

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POW/MIAs & John McCain

Montclair, N.J.


Our operatives on Wall Street were doing a good job bringing down capitalism one hedge fund at a time. But then Goldman Sachs staged a counter-coup.

Behind the scrim of boom times there was always debt and sex--and the intimate economy of panic and desire.

The GOP's machinery of hate has taken on a life of its own.

John Nichols on Sarah Palin's "vindication," David Cole on phone sex and national security, Danielle Douglas on Haiti.

As Bush and Paulson throw money at the problem, Obama is moving rapidly to adapt to the crisis that awaits the next president.

If nationalizing banks is suddenly on the table, what else might be placed there?


Merritt Paulson, son of Henry Paulson, asks the city of Portland to fund his new sports stadiums even though he can afford it.


Let's hope he listens to Paul Volker and Warren Buffet--and keeps at bay Rubin, Summers and others responsible for the current debacle.

So far in the once-red state of Virginia, things are going Obama's way.

Politics ain't beanbag, but the thuggishness of McCain and Palin and their conservative media enablers have infected our political discourse.

The real scandal of the year is that Eliot Spitzer, brought low by his own bad behavior, had predatory lenders in his sights.


Suddenly, Obama's making a pretty good case for why Americans should once again care for one another.

Deconstructing the New York Times fairy tale about how nasty Russia invaded innocent Georgia.

The tainted milk crisis could prod China to act responsibly.

Will our next president have the courage to scrap No Child Left Behind?

Austria's most notorious right-wing politician died as spectacularly as he had lived--and in a Europe stunned by financial crisis, leaves a dangerous legacy.

Military commissions officials are using punitive psychological evaluations as part of a strategy to discredit and silence a former colleague turned whistleblower.

In state after state, the number of new voters has swelled like never before. They're mostly under 30 and solidly backing Barack Obama.

The rights of workers get little attention from the court, and employers know they can violate those rights with impunity.

The Supreme Court has done little to protect a nation of debtors from predatory lending practices.

It's increasingly difficult for older Americans to protect themselves from age discrimination, nursing home abuse and loss of pension benefits.

The United States stands alone among wealthy nations in failing to
assure its population reasonable healthcare.

Pro-business judges who now dominate the Supreme Court undermine consumers' right to sue when they are injured by unsafe products.

The next president and Congress must reverse the conservative tide of the Bush judiciary.

On the campaign trail, new lies are being pumped into the political bloodstream.

Books & the Arts

Why the commentariat's response to hand-wringing about "the decline of reading" condescends to the large mass of nonspecialist readers.


A doctor defends scientific research against the potentially fatal misperceptions of the anti-vaccine movement.


Following the quirky, revolutionary life path of one of the most celebrated twentieth-century intellectuals.


Without the courage of the forgotten black legislators of the Reconstruction era, it would be impossible for a black man today to run for president.


Three new books vividly portray the devastating impact of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

3rd Party Article

Rebecca McDonald Keesha Gaskins is making history as one of the few young black leaders at the League of Women Voters.

Studies show that the most effective way to get young people to vote is to simply ask them (to their face). And what's the one day each year that people actually expect strangers to knock on their doors?

Jamilah King The Youth Agenda is the first ever national issues agenda written by youth organizers from around the country. The platform issues a national call to action on education, jobs and healthcare.

Suemedha Sood Emily Kirsch explains how green jobs can open doors and lift communities out of poverty.


From the March 13, 1948, issue.


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