November 18, 2013 | The Nation

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November 18, 2013

Cover: The Choom Gang,including a future president, looking forward to a brave new world of cannabis freedom

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Miami vice… Hillary fever… our new look…


Let’s put an end to the “war on drugs” that has ruined so many lives.

The Democratic candidate for New York mayor confronts the dark legacy of a federal employee loyalty program.

Paul Butler used to send people to prison for drugs. Now he supports letting guilty drug offenders go.

For decades, Native Americans have fought to change the NFL team’s name. Now, finally, there’s a groundswell for change.


Two critical institutions of American liberalism just celebrated birthdays. Here’s wishing them many happy returns.

The devaluation of “content” is bad for readers and for democracy.


While the press has hailed the president’s “public health” approach, the White House has cracked down on cannabis.

How the war on pot has fueled SWAT raids and paramilitary policing.

The fight against marijuana prohibition must put racial justice at the center.

The federal government has subsidized the criminalization of millions of young people simply for having a small amount of  pot.

The grassroots struggle to free the weed has always been about more than just legalizing pot.

The discovery of pot’s astonishing medical potential is the most compelling new reason for legalizing the plant.

Legalization in the Evergreen State has led to parallel marijuana industries. Is there room for both?

The editors of the nation’s most popular pot magazine on its four decades-long fight to end cannabis prohibition.

A former cop, a former prisoner, the daughter of a marijuana caregiver who died in custody and others speak out against the war on cannabis.

Books & the Arts

Confucius Institutes censor political discussions and restrain the free exchange of ideas. Why, then, do American universities sponsor them?

Emily Brady’s Humboldt explains why the legalization of pot could cause the biggest economic bust in California’s history.


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