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March 29, 1999 Issue

  • Editorials

    Kissinger and Pinochet

    Henry Kissinger, realpolitiker nonpareil, never gave a damn about human rights.

    Peter Kornbluh

  • Escalation=More Drugs

    Washington has begun the annual spring drug certification ritual.

    Eva Bertram and Kenneth Sharpe


  • Columns

    Paving the Way

    Since you weren't bent all out of shape
    By hearing Bill accused of rape,
    It's now assumed that it won't trouble you
    To hear some dirt about George W.

    Calvin Trillin

  • Women’s Rights: As the World Turns

    Does it seem to you that feminism this past year was just one long gargle over the meaning of Monica? That the biggest women's issue was whether oral sex is sex?

    Katha Pollitt

  • Books and the Arts

    Correspondance School Art

    If we think of a historical period as defined by what the French have usefully designated a mentalité--a shared set of attitudes, practices and beliefs--then periods end when one <

    Arthur C. Danto

  • Feminine Mystiquers

    For Danielle Crittenden, the "click" came when she was going to play tennis with her husband and a couple of acquaintances. She left her racket on one side of the court.

    Kim Phillips-Fein

  • Too Many Cigarettes

    Monday: Screening of Garry Marshall's The Other Sister, which seems to be about a goldfish.

    Stuart Klawans

  • Montale as Couplet

    The publication of Jonathan Galassi's translation and meticulous annotation of Eugenio Montale's Collected Poems, 1920-1954 has been justifiably celebrated on both sides of the Atl

    Michael Mewshaw

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