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March 17, 2008

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Abandoned by the Corps

Shirley, Mass.


Ralph Nader explains the reasons why he must run in 2008. They haven't changed since 2004.

It's not enough for candidates to talk tough about the impact of NAFTA. Workers need realistic remedies.

He doesn't just take money from lobbyists--they're running his campaign.

Joseph Cirincione on shooting down satellites, John Nichols on Ralph Nader, Ari Melber tracks the net.

As voters choose sides in a momentous election, feminists call on women to reject the race-gender split.



Ahmadinejad's triumphal visit to Baghdad highlights the abject failure of the Bush doctrine. But US media yawned.

He should denounce the attacks themselves as racist propaganda.

What the *&#@! is wrong with this guy?

Obama can take the rhetorical high road, but he should have some mean stokers in the engine room.


Hillary Clinton may have won Texas, but the huge crowds participating for the first time in the primary and caucuses were there mainly because of Barack Obama.

As struggling dairy farmers seek profits by responding to rising consumer demand for raw milk, regulators are taking a hard line.

A Pittsburgh public television activist explains how McCain broke the rules while doing the bidding of a media mogul.

Roger Clemens has done his damage, to himself and to baseball--and we will see him go down.

Our Story: Congresswoman Kang pays a visit on her aging slacker brother, and learns more than she'd care to know.

Breaking the Silence comes to America.

As a crucial primary looms, Democrats in Texas have gotten the Party started again, as the state continues its remarkable shift from red to blue.

The DNC chair has energized aging, ailing or previously nonexistent state parties.

The white working-class vote is on the line--so is the myth of Clinton-era good times.

He calls private security forces "unaccountable" but may use them in Iraq. Meanwhile, Clinton wants to ban them. UPDATED

Books & the Arts


Beyond the sensationalism and the sound bites, the Duke rape case reveals the perils of unchecked prosecutorial power.


Why listen to Stravinksy in sequence when you can click shuffle on your iPod and rediscover the music anew?


a prisoner is bound and gagged in free fall
the backdoor gift exposes an exchange rift
while a cognitive switch haunts its own turncoat


The history of banana cultivation is rife with labor and environmental abuse, corporate skulduggery and genetic experiments gone awry.


Two authors posit very different views on the problem of religious conflict in a supposedly secular age.

3rd Party Article

We all know that the youth vote is no mirage, especially not in the 2008 primaries, so why do skeptics continue to question the participation of young voters?

Jessica Blank's new novel debunks homeless teen myths and misconceptions, while the author offers solutions.

Bush's proposed budget for 2009 seeks to militarize youth plus slash education funding and jobs programs.