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March 10, 2008

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Obama & the $ubprimers

Cambridge, Mass.


The New York Times editorial page endorses McCain, while its news department works to discredit him. And there's nothing wrong with that.

In an election replete with surprises, the people of Pakistan have chosen wisely. Now it is up to the elected parties to rule wisely.

Using fear and the classic tools of persuasion, the Bush Administration has subverted American mythology and our national character.

Thursday's debate revealed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as solid progressives in sync with the broad base of the Democratic Party.

Electing the first black or female President is not the issue. It's how Clinton and Obama would use their unique gifts to heal a troubled world.

Will the PPP revive her power-sharing deal with Musharraf or join with Nawaz Sharif to re-establish constitutional rule?

Polk Award winners at The Nation, progressive endorsements and buyouts at GM.

The House stalemate with the White House over electronic surveillance creates a rare moment to reconsider an array of unconstitutional post-9/11 laws.

Has the Pentagon foreclosed the possibility of acquittals for terror suspects?



It's absurd for the New York Times to cast him as a tool of corporate media, when he's been in the forefront of trying to rein it in.

If democracy does not prevail in August, the Democrats will not prevail in November.

Dumb and dumber: reviewing new books by David Frum and Jonah Goldberg.


Making a list of the most hated arch-criminals--not the usual suspects.

As criticism over his support for torture and his interference in the Gitmo trials escalates, William J. Haynes steps down.

Traveling from Albania's capital city Tirana to the Kosovo border reveals scenes ranging from festive to frightening as Kosova declares its independence.

Previous episode: Sex, politics and innuendo bubbles between Kang and the cop, and the Congresswoman decides to do some investigating her own damn self.

When a young Moroccan computer engineer created a fake Facebook profile
for the Crown Prince of Morocco, the result was jail, torture and a very
uncertain future.

In this troubled region, secessions tend to be followed by terrible wars. Will it be any different this time?

It's time for progressives to demand a bolder, "transformational" politics.

Maybe. But Iraqis mistrust Iran as much as they do the United States.

Thirty-two years after the war, Communist Vietnam is a bustling market economy awash in foreign capital and consumer goods. So was the war necessary?

Feeling squeezed? It's official: if you're not in management, the value of your paycheck is dropping at an alarming rate.

Books & the Arts

When will we stop living in the '60s?


First Amendment biographer Anthony Lewis brings glad tidings: despite Bush, US commitment to free speech "is no longer in doubt."


Is Venezuela's president undoing his country's experiment in democracy?

3rd Party Article

Why a pending Supreme Court case could disenfranchise students just as they've begun voting in record numbers.

Giving students the days before Election Day off is the best kind of get-out-the-vote effort.

There are hundreds of well-meaning but unsuccessful youth centers in
America. The Spot in Denver and Elementz in Cincinnati went the extra
mile to build something more authentic.

...and they give Barack Obama the edge.

Surgery for transsexuals: it's raced, it's classed and it's located.