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March 1, 1999 Issue

  • Editorials

    Policing Cyberspace

    Free speech, Oliver Wendell Holmes famously declared, ought not to extend to falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater. But what are the limits on shouting across the wide-open Internet?

    the Editors

  • No Exit

    The week started with bipartisan babble about the need for an exit strategy.

    the Editors

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  • Columns

    Footnote to History

    From Blumenthal and Hitchens having lunch,
    A sideshow has emerged that causes spec-
    Ulation touching ethics and such things:

    Calvin Trillin

  • Minority Report

    On February 26 last, my old friend Sidney Blumenthal emerged from the grand jury and made a bravura appearance on the courthouse steps in Washington, DC.

    Christopher Hitchens