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June 18, 2007

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Readers attack Alexander Cockburn for doubting the environmental crisis--and Cockburn bites back.


Sports Illustrated's "all time" team is unfairly skewed to honor major league players from the segregation era at the expense of equally deserving players from the Negro League.

A lack of hard evidence in the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko has stopped neither the wheels of British justice nor the cameras of Hollywood.

Thanks in part to Condi Rice's machinations to foment regime change in Iran, three innocent people are now charged with espionage.

Her unscripted activism was characterized by an element so often missing from politics: genuineness. But we haven't seen the last of Cindy Sheehan.

On the fortieth anniversary of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories, the issue remains unchanged: the rights of two peoples to live in peace and dignity on fully equal terms.

Democrats in Congress failed to deliver on their promises, and for progressives that means there's a lot more work to do.


Slugger Gary Sheffield's intemperate remarks about the black/Latino divide have rattled batting cages and plunged baseball into the immigration debate.


They're laughed at and pushed to the edge of the podium as frontrunners dominate the debate, but they sometimes have the guts to tell the truth.


Bush's proposal to model America's presence in Iraq is as outlandish as it is alarming.


A new biography reveals that the Senator from New York--and a host of other Democrats--did not get all the facts before casting a crucial vote to invade Iraq.

The Iraq War has set off one of the largest oil booms in history--and the race to mine the tar sands of Alberta is heading toward environmental disaster.

The New York Sun's alleged success is a figment of its conservative owners' imaginations.


What does a politicized Justice Department look like? Political hack Bradley Schlozman gave the Senate Judiciary Committee an idea when he testified about his tenure as a US Attorney in Missouri.

The people of New Orleans suffered another blow with the indictment of Representative William Jefferson. They deserve better.

Eric Alterman, arrested in New Hampshire over whether he really belonged at a post-debate party, explains exactly what happened.

A Palestinian writer discusses her new book and her attempts to humanize the plight of people living in the occupied territories for Western readers.

Prochoice activists are taking a page from the right by applying a values-driven strategy designed to prevent abortions.

A cultural icon advises Gettysburg College graduates that social disengagement puts at risk everything unique and idealistic about our way of life.

A journalist speaks to UC Berkeley graduates about how the Bush Administration uses and abuses language to manipulate public opinion and distort reality.

Meet the religious conservatives at the faith-based feeding trough who are getting rich controlling sex education in America.

Zionism has run its course, and in doing so has killed any possibility of a two-state solution.

Let's give up the illusion of a two-state solution--Israel's already a binational state.

Books & the Arts


Four decades later, much of the thrill is gone from The Beatles' magnum opus. Except for one song.


Gordon Matta-Clark's art displays how empty spaces illuminate the structures they are housed in.


Teenage presents a lively but scattershot portrait of youth in the modern era.


Tracing the course of Zionism and the splintered state it has created.

3rd Party Article

On June 10, the first-ever international solidarity march and lobby day in the US will call for an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

Following the money has never been so easy!

A look at the future of female political leadership.

Earn a living and make the world better. Sound impossible? Check out our recommendations for summer employment for socially conscious young folks.

Newark's young mayor Cory Booker takes on conventional machine politics and brings a new vision to combating crime, corruption, and improving education.