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July 10, 2000

  • Editorials

    Give Us a Real Debate

    The pernicious influence on politics of corporate money isn't confined to donations to candidates and parties.

    the Editors

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  • Books and the Arts

    The Devil and Mr. Hearst

    William Randolph Hearst is one of those people we all know was very, very famous but are never quite sure why, or what we are to think of him.

    Dana Frank

  • The Devil in Mr. Marx

    At a quarter to 3 in the afternoon on March 14, 1883, one of the world's brainiest men, Karl Marx, ceased to think. He passed away peacefully in his favorite armchair.

    Andy Merrifield

  • African Heart, No Darkness

    A revealing question: Why has V.S. Naipaul come to be much better known in the West than the great African writer Chinua Achebe?

    James North

  • Columbo This Isn’t

    The first thing I need to explain about Bruno Dumont's Humanité shouldn't have to be said at all. It's that the film is not a whodunit.

    Stuart Klawans

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