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January 22, 2007

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Zalmay Khalilzad promises be a more effective US ambassador to the UN, but is that a good thing?

Do the Dems have the vision to force Bush to pull back on Iraq and rebuild
the economy?

John Edwards's hard-edged populism could be an antidote to the surreal Bush years.

When senators leave office, voters should choose their replacements.

Undeterred by blunders in Iraq, Bush opens another battlefront in Somalia.

The story behind the story of Gerald Ford's pardon of Nixon.

A videotaped hanging does not bring justice to Saddam's victims, living or dead.


The surge is Bush's last throw of the dice. If it fails, he may decimate an exhausted Army and leave the nation without reserves.


Congress should levy a Victory Over Terror tax on the superrich which would expire once our troops are safely home.


Bush is the insolent star of an absurd spectacle, seeking to escalate a failed war that Congress and the people oppose.


Resolutions for liberals.

On Gerald Ford's greatness and the New York Times's ghastly coverage of Iraq.

Once again, God help us, Bush follows his gut.


Sunni civilians have reason to fear more fighting, not only from a potential surge of US troops but also Kurdish militias mobilized by the Iraqi government.

The naming of Adm. William Fallon to replace Gen. John Abizaid as head of Centcom is an ominous sign that Bush is preparing for a wider war.

The Garden State has become the center of gravity in the fight to
abolish capital punishment.

America now leads the world in the number of people behind bars. But
hope is emerging that state governments and the courts will seek to hold back
the hand of the carceral state.

Its time our leaders recognize Americans hold a set of values that contradict the conservative agenda that has dominated politics for a generation.

Democrats are on the verge of a fundamental shift in the regional balance of political power.

A Congress that takes the Constitution seriously can force the White
House to do the same.

Tell us how progressives in Congress can promote bold new initiatives, end an illegal war and call an abusive President to account.

Ten good bills await passage that could make a real difference.

Books & the Arts


Reviews of Guillermo del Toro's dizzying Pan's Labyrinth and part two of Clint Eastwood's World War II opus, Letters From Iwo Jima.


Jimmy Carter has been vilified for saying things about the occupation in his new book that appear regularly in Israeli newspapers.


Jay-Z, self-styled savior of hip-hop, is the face of the new establishment.


Sunlight and plant light
glass and stain
the campaign the conflict
the dead frozen in air
the sun and the sweat
the swell of fetid flesh


Celebrating the eloquence of the feminist, activist and writer in whose work memory, history, poetry and prophecy converge.

3rd Party Article

Opinion: A dramatic interpretation of Rachel Corrie's life raises questions about what we can learn from an activist abruptly separated from her cause.

Opinion: The alternative media, and the Left in general, have succeeded in inciting anger. Now it's time to inspire people to take action and give them tools to make specific changes.

In Israel, where military service is mandatory for nearly everyone, even the most progressive young people tend to see war as a given.