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February 8, 2010

Cover: Cover: military bases where the United States has leasing rights or, in the case of Guantánamo, Puerto Rico and Honduras, a long-term presence. Research & original design by Grace Livingstone, map design by Lloyd Miller, cover design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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Love Those Sunken Cities!

Knoxville, Tenn.


The first casualty of the president's political debacle will likely be Timothy Geithner, the severely over-confident treasury secretary well-known as a lapdog of Wall Street.

Like the terrorist, the sex offender is a new category of human being.

In this moment of death and destruction, we should not turn away.

For much of Haiti's existence, foreign powers have used debt not just to control but to plunder it.

What the wake-up call is really telling us.



The state of the union is just miserable, no matter how President Obama sugarcoats it.

The Supreme Court will soon tell the NFL whether it can knock out competition by cutting deals as a single entity.


How far have women come if a country like Canada permits a father to imprison his daughter in the cage of Saudi laws?


Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was summoned to testify before the House yesterday to answer two questions: why did he sign off on AIG paying full value on insurance for bad assets, and what was his role in the decision not to disclose that?

As part of an attempt to frame the surge as an important move towards negotiations with the Taliban, NATO countries are set to contribute 7,000 soldiers for the Afghanistan war.

We asked our readers to submit their own high and low points of President Obama's first year.

In the past two days, both Defense Secretary Robert Gates and a Pakistani senior minister have confirmed that Blackwater is operating in Pakistan.

Among the dead in Haiti are the UN workers who were trying to make the nation a better place.

Confident in the long-term impact of his policy decisions, Obama rarely gets flustered by short-term shifts in political fortune.

As GM shutters a plant, an Ohio city in decline struggles to imagine a future.

A growing number of Californians are organizing to develop solutions.

Savage budget cuts and political dysfunction are tearing California's social infrastructure apart.

The Pentagon has a new Monroe Doctrine.

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The first decade of filmmaking belonged to one woman alone: Alice Guy Blaché.


If love has been exhausted as a literary theme, has it vanished from our experience of life as well?



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