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February 26, 2007

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Media frenzy to the contrary, a warm winter doesn't point to the end of the world--scientific evidence does.

Hugo Chávez's critics may mock his ideas of twenty-first-century socialism as empty rhetoric. But maybe it's magical realism--still a fiction, but one to be nourished as a realizable ideal.

The good news on the latest global warming report: Political leaders can no longer ignore it. The bad news: It's probably too late.

Are Bush and Cheney so wedded to their delusions that they might
gun the car and head directly over the cliff in a confrontation with

The time has come for the US to join the rest of civilized nations and abolish capital punishment.

From the pages of The Nation, here's a sampler of Molly Ivins at her best.

America's next President must have a big heart, an open mind and the passion to set the nation on the way to equality, opportunity, true democracy and social justice.


Former NBA player John Amaechi's admission that he is gay exposed the league's compassion and bigotry.


As debate unfolds on a non-binding Iraq resolution, the House should consider exacting a promise from President not to invade Iran.


Is George W. Bush the worst President the United States has ever seen?


Sen. Carl Levin is determined to get to the bottom of how Douglas Feith's false intelligence helped lead the US to a disastrous and illegal war.

The majority of Americans support fair-trade policies--so why do mainstream pundits treat the idea with so much contempt?


A recent police raid on a small-city factory showcases the Bush Administration's frightening war on illegal immigration.

Washington is all too happy to overlook the undemocratic excesses of Ethiopia's Meles Zenawi, who has pledged his support for Bush's "war on terror."

The shoddy construction of FEMA's trailers has led to an epidemic of respiratory illness among Katrina refugees.

A new Pentagon report documents how the Bush Administration fooled us once with lies about Iraq's Al Qaeda ties. Will that keep them from fooling us again on Iran?

Dante's circles of hell provide an apt metaphor for the Palestinian experience in Gaza. And it can only get worse.

Now that Lieut. Ehren Watada's court-martial has ended in mistrial, his case could focus America's attention on how we came to fight an illegal war and what we must do to end it.

A new exhibit inadvertently displays why Americans might be confused about what terrorism is and how to fight it.

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Reviews of The Lives of Others and Grbavica: The Land of My Dreams.


In the Country of Men tells the story of a Libyan boy whose dissident father is wanted by the authorities.


A new biography of William James portrays a man who made a brilliant career of asking tough questions.

3rd Party Article

Personal Voice: "I know it is too early to make claims about his greatness or even his capacity to handle the job, but it is not too early to tell you how he makes me feel."

The second half of an interview with Maya activist Antonio Caba on the fight of indigenous Guatemalans to pursue justice for the recent, unpunished genocide targeted at them.

Mother Jones's new female co-editors on men, women, and journalism

Bush's elite base turns against him at annual Alfalfa Club Dinner.

Americans should open their eyes to the reality of climate change.