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February 25, 2008

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'Ebony and Ivory'?

Laguna Woods, Calif.


Who knew provisional voting could be a teaching moment?

If Timor-Leste's President doesn't survive the assassination attempt, his soul will get a good laugh at outlasting Suharto, who killed a third of his people.

As Americans consider who to choose as their next President, Guatemalan Mayans seek justice for Reagan-era atrocities.

No matter who becomes the next President, the clammy fingers of Bush and Cheney will be wrapped around vital national policies. It's up to Congress to break their grip.

To avoid convention disaster, the DNC should reset caucuses and primaries in Florida and Michigan.

There's an escalating air war in Iraq; why don't American media consider it serious news?

McCain's march toward the Republican nomination is the year's most improbable journey.

Electoral math, post Super Tuesday; Richard Honaker's judicial activism; mobilizing for Obama.

The Golden State's lesson for Clinton and Obama is that they each need to craft a more daring politics of transcendence.

He offers the best chance to redefine the center of American politics and forge a new progressive majority.



If John McCain picks Condoleezza Rice as his running mate, Democrats should be afraid. Very afraid.


They're reaping the profits, we're paying the price.


South Africa's growth rate is outstripping its ability to generate electricity. There's a message here for us.

Thanks to a cowed media, scaremongering is the only remaining area of conservative competence.

Now that we've crested the mountaintop, let's have some politically incorrect dreams.


Good news in the stimulus package: low and middle income Americans receive cash to rev a slowing economy. Bad news: tax breaks for businesses won't help much at all.

Tom Matzzie, leader of Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, has resigned his position and dissolved a major and well-funded coalition of anti-war groups.

An independent journalist talks about what's really happening in Iraq, and why neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama have a plan for ending the catastrophe.

Cynthia Kang is backstage in this episode, but rest assured, the heat is still on.

Immigrants facing deportation find shelter with the religious New Sanctuary Movement.

A new generation of educators, frustrated with ineffective reforms, turns to pedagogy focused on social justice.

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has turned New Orleans into a tragic Tale of Two Cities.

Books & the Arts

A glossy and ragged musical declaration of love.


American movie-goers finally get to see Cristian Mungiu's stunning 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days.


The biography of Joschka Fischer tells the story of postwar Germany.


J.M. Coetzee, now out with a new novel and a collection of essays, reminds us what a master he is at turning life into narrative.

3rd Party Article

The Vera Project serves as an inspiring model of how a small group of dedicated musicians and their fans can transform a reactionary, anti-youth city ordinance into a positive space for young people.

Over 2 million 18- to 29-year-olds participated in the Democratic elections, compared to roughly 900,000 in the Republican contests.