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August 18, 2008

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Update on Sgt. Pequeño

Amherst, Mass.


The case against Victoria Osteen embodies the narcissism of those who preach the Gospel of prosperity.

John McCain got more than he expected, with an ad comparing Obama to Paris Hilton. The blowback is just beginning.

The Bush Administration has simultaneously destroyed a government, left us in the lurch and yet managed to enrich itself.

Despite the controversies he aroused in the West and in Russia, Solzhenitsyn remains above all else a writer who bore witness to Soviet society's long-censored suffering.

The nomination of Barack Obama--so able intellectually, morally and spiritually--marks a magic moment for America, culminating the hopes of those who worked for a more perfect union, a more peaceful world.

With millions of first time-voters expected to go to the polls in November, never has an insane political system been more in need of explanation. You won't find much help here.

Israel and the Mideast are approaching a stark choice: nuclear holocaust or a nuclear-free region.

If China's leaders believe they've released enough steam for a smooth Olympics, they could be in for a surprise.

Naomi Sobel on efforts to improve conditions at the notorious Postville, Iowa kosher slaughterhouse; Nation correspondents on Obama's world tour.

The process of picking a Vice President needn't be the craven political exercise it is today. Do we even need one?

Progressive supporters of Barack Obama urge him to stand firm on the principles he so compellingly articulated in the primary. Add your name to this open letter.


Connecting the dots between Georgia's confrontation with Putin and the presidential ambitions of John McCain.


Until they come up with real solutions to our current economic crisis, Obama and McCain should stop trying to buy votes with fuel rebates.

Our default defense is to blame the deranged outsider, but in this case, one of our own was to blame.

You can tell right away that Goldberg didn't read a book, an article, even a fortune cookie, about the 1968 Olympics before whipping out his laptop.


He has taken black parents to task for failing to inspire their children; it's a message that needs to be addressed to white America as well.

Obama's incredible faith-based initiative.

Comix Nation

A heart-to-heart talk with a troubled lover.


Up until now, the war between Russia and Georgia was framed as a simple tale of David versus Goliath. In fact, it is far more complex than this, morally and historically.

The United States did not reinvent war after 9/11. It only thought it did.

As Russian troops occupy city after city in Georgia, the feeling here that the government has overestimated how much support it will receive from the West.

As print journalism faces extinction, tabloids obsess over celebrity pregnancy and childbirth. What's wrong with this picture?

The fall of Ehud Olmert is a tragedy for Israel and the world--squandering a genuine opportunity for a breakthrough in Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab relations.

This Week: Dieter Countryman would like to do some enhanced interrogating, while Congresswoman Kang drops in to get in the groove with a witchy woman.

Russia's war in Georgia excites John McCain and the same neocons who led us into earlier disasters.

How will the Olympics play in the Chinese equivalent of Peoria, among a populace skeptical of the government's intent and eager to tout their own economic clout?

The future of the Republican brand rests in the text message happy hands of young America--which should scare the living daylights out of John McCain.

Everyone was baffled by the President's use of the term "time horizon" for withdrawal from Iraq. But when you consider the term's origin on Wall Street, it makes perfect, cynical sense.

This Week: It's all bang, bang, bang, baby!

Biofuels have become the new villain in the climate change and food crisis debate. But America's consumption of meat is a bigger part of the problem than the cars and trucks we drive.

A Palestinian journalist's life and work shed light on the violence in Israel's "dual" society.

The Air America host is this election season's breakout star.

We are flirting with catastrophe, and our foreign creditors are part of the story.

Across China there is a rising rural and urban class struggle as the economy moves from Maoist socialism to a strange type of quasi-Maoist capitalism.

Books & the Arts

A jazz writer pays tribute to his longtime collaborator on The Penguin Guide to Jazz.

Superstars and superheroes fight and flounder through Hollywood's season of wanton destruction.


End with a comma, the end
The more decisive because
Inadvertent, broken off,

The implied
Clause, whatever
Qualification or

Elvis Costello's new album is a worthy addition to his seemingly endless catalog of beauty and bile.

The race for "Jewish" bedrock has turned a Jerusalem slum's archaeological riches into an existential threat.

3rd Party Article

International volunteer organizations may do a lot of good, but they also have problems that need to be addressed.



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