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Books and the Arts

Shantala Shivalingappa smolders as she dances the lives of the gods.

In Edmund Fawcett’s new history, liberalism begins with capitalism and revolution.

Joaquin Phoenix and Owen Wilson star in Inherent Vice, a delirious romp through all of man’s perversions.

Ebooks - Molly Ivins

News and Analysis

While New York City mourns, political opportunists point fingers—but we should really be talking about reforms that would keep everyone safe.

In this uncommon book by Emma Williams, Jean Stein and Ibrahim Quraishi, a donkey tries to cheer Gaza’s traumtized children—by becoming a zebra.

Riot police and protester

Apparently, to criticize the police is to be anti-police. But if I call and point out that the swings in the playground are broken, am I anti-parks?

From Bill de Blasio to Eric Holder to Barack Obama to #BlackLivesMatter, right-wing pundits are blaming everyone and everything but the obvious.

Caribbean détente, after a half-century of conflict.

Why is the political coverage in The New York Times so lame?

How the well-meaning public became a handmaiden for terror.

From the very beginning, the magazine has shown an eagerness to suck up to power.

Despite its flaws, it was one of our few remaining journals of serious debate and opinion.




California’s Drought Is So Bad That Some Communities Are Trucking In Their Water
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