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Editorial Profile

The Nation, according to a recent opinion leader survey, has more influence and credibility than Politico, Roll Call, The Hill or even Time. It has served as an independent voice for justice and strong a supporter of progressive causes for nearly 150 years. A 2012 MRI study shows extraordinary engagement: 76.1% have written or called a politician, 64.7% have donated to a political party, 41.7% have been an active member of a group that tries to influence public policy and 17.5% serve on a board of directors.  The fast-growing Nation website now has more Twitter followers than both the Democratic and Republican National Committees combined.   

Our award-winning reporting has led to Congressional investigations and legislation, the resignation of unethical government and corporate officials, the launch of grassroots movements, the righting of wrongs—and to widespread media coverage at home and abroad.

The Nation magazine occupies a unique and powerful position in the political, cultural and historical landscape of the United States and has since its launch by anti-slavery abolitionists at the end of the Civil War. Our storied history of publishing includes visionary thinkers and writers like Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, James Baldwin, Hunter S. Thompson and Martin Luther King Jr.

Today’s contributors comprise a veritable Who’s Who of investigative journalists, economists, environmental experts, historians, authors and pundits, including Katrina vanden Heuvel, Joseph Stiglitz, Michael Pollan, Melissa Harris-Perry, E.L. Doctorow, Tony Kushner, Christopher Hayes, Eric Foner, Bill McKibben, Jeremy Scahill, Alice Waters, Marilynne Robinson and Sean Penn.

The Nation consistently outranks peer opinion-leader magazines and periodicals in overall influence on key issues like energy, the economy, healthcare, science, law and defense.* Every week, every member of Congress and the most influential members of President Obama’s administration receive the magazine, and our readers coast to coast include some of the most educated and influential thought and cultural leaders in America.

Available on all major web platforms and mobile devices (iPhone/iPad, Android, Kindle,  Nook, etc.), The Nation informs, verifies, enlightens, dissents, teaches, comforts, advises and challenges our highly engaged community of educators, activists, media professionals, entertainment executives, legislators and policy makers.

We offer cutting-edge ways to communicate and interact with these leaders to increase your brand value, sell books, merchandise and services, or craft activist or corporate messaging to the DC Beltway.

The Nation. Independent intelligence for independent minds. Championing human rights and progressive values for the next 150 years.



Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor and Publisher
Richard Kim, Executive Editor                                                             Roane Carey, Managing Editor
John Palattella, Literary Editor
Kai Wright, Features Editor
Emily Douglas (online), Sarah Leonard, Lizzy Ratner, Senior Editors
Miriam Markowitz, Associate Literary Editor

Washington, DC, Bureau

John Nichols, Correspondent; George Zornick, Editor;                           Zoe Carpenter, Assistant Editor

National Affairs

William Greider, Correspondent

Editor at Large

Christopher Hayes


Eric Alterman, Melissa Harris-Perry, Naomi Klein, Katha Pollitt, Patricia J. Williams, Gary Younge


Architecture, Michael Sorkin; Art, Barry Schwabsky; Defense, Michael T. Klare; Environment, Mark Hertsgaard; Films, Stuart Klawans; Legal Affairs, David Cole; National Security, Jeremy Scahill; Peace and Disarmament, Jonathan Schell; Poetry, Ange Mlinko; Poverty: Greg Kaufmann; Sex: JoAnn Wypijewski; Sports, Dave Zirin; United Nations, Barbara Crossette; Deadline Poet, Calvin Trillin

Contributing Editors and Editorial Board Members
(partial list)

Robert Borosage, Stephen F. Cohen, Marc Cooper, Mike Davis, Bob Dreyfuss,  Susan Faludi, Thomas Ferfuson, Doug Henwood, Max Holland, Michael Moore, Christian Parenti, Robert Pollack, Joel Rogers, Robert Scheer, Edward Sorel, John Wiener, Amy Wilentz, Roger Wilkins


London, Maria Margaronis and D.D. Guttenplan
Southern Africa, Mark Gevisser

Publisher Emeritus

Victor Navasky


Andrew Pedersen
Associate Publisher Sales

Ellen Bollinger
Vice President, Advertising


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