The New Overtime Rules Are a Big Deal. Here’s Why.

The overworked and underpaid American workforce has something to celebrate.

Michelle Chen

How Andrew Cuomo Sold Out New York City Renters to a Pack of Wealthy Landlords

As protesters camp out in Albany to demand better protections for renters, lawmakers cop out on their consituents with a lukewarm rent regulation agreement.

Sarah Jaffe

Fast Food CEO Blames Low-Wage Workers for Poverty

Andy Puzder neglects to mention that it’s the poverty wages his company pays its workers that force them to rely on the social safety net.

Deepak Bhargava

Focus on the Sharing Economy

Uber and the Taxi Industry’s Last Stand

What the rise of the app-based cab service says about the future of work in America

Jon Liss

What the Sharing Economy Takes

Uber and Airbnb monetize the desperation of people in the post-crisis economy while sounding generous—and evoke a fantasy of community in an atomized population.

Doug Henwood

Could This Be the Biggest Blow Yet to Uber’s Business Model?

Taxi drivers in the sharing economy are fighting to make inroads against labor exploitation.

Michelle Chen

Special Report

Why Philanthropy Won’t Solve the Higher-Ed Crisis

Relying on the rich to make college affordable for poor students reinforces the system that created those inequalities in the first place.
William Deresiewicz

Stanford University received a lot of good publicity when it announced in March that it would waive undergraduate tuition for families making less than $125,000 a year. The initiative was one of several of late responding to the growing problem of access to higher education: economic stratification at elite colleges,… Continue Reading >

Activists Unite

Tell the White House: It’s Time to Expand Social Security

Join The Nation and 17 organizations in telling the White House Conference on Aging: it's time to expand social security.

Take Action Now! >

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