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Consumer Habits

When shopping Nation readers...
Always check ingredients and nutritional content of food: 53.3%  298
Are more likely to purchase brands that support a cause: 43.5%  436
Buy natural products because of concern for the environment: 42.1%  178
Influence of advertising on Nation readers
Ads from a major corporation promoting its good deeds are of interest: 56.4%   -
Ads in The Nation promoting a new movie or TV show are of interest: 59.2%   -
Ads in The Nation improves opinion of the company: 67.0%   -
Book buying habits
Purchased hardcover books in the last 12 months: 80.1% 261
Average number of hardcover books purchased: 11 117
Purchased digital books in the last 12 months: 35.6 757
Average number of digital books purchased: 15.1 127
Reading habits
Hours spent reading books each week:  8.9  
Became interested in reading a specific book as a result of reading The Nation: 59.8%  
2012 Subscriber Study, MRI Market Solutions.


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