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Subject to Debate

Katha Pollitt

Yes, let’s erase stigma. But feminists, please: let’s not forget to talk about male privilege.

Oh, how we love those Republican “straight-shooters.”

Amid the bad news for women, the year had its bright moments.

Want to help Texas women? African AIDS orphans? Here's how.

Novelist Kate Manning richly reimagines Madame Restell as a defender of women from the horrors of poverty, male privilege and their own physiology.

He seems like a lovely, modest man, but there's no sign he will change the church’s stance on issues that matter to women.

Being a poor mother in the United States today means reusing diapers and struggling to afford food. But House Republicans think they have it too easy.

Think anti-abortion crazies are no longer wreaking havoc on clinics and providers? Think again.


Katha Pollitt
Katha Pollitt is well known for her wit and her keen sense of both the...