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Subject to Debate

Katha Pollitt

A Colorado program to give low-income teens long-acting contraception dropped the teen abortion rate dramatically. But conservatives refuse to fund it.

The French magazine is blasphemous—and isn’t that an honorable thing to be?

If CEOs are worried that their LGBT employees won’t be treated as equals in Indiana, they should show as much concern for their pregnant and potentially pregnant employees.

New “exceptions” to the country’s total ban on abortion are worthless in practice.

We can, and should, support trans men and other gender-non-conforming people without erasing women from the fight for reproductive rights.

The romance in the film isn’t perverse—and that’s the problem.

He was an old-school monarch who made America feel good about itself again.


Katha Pollitt
Katha Pollitt is well known for her wit and her keen sense of both the...