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Subject to Debate

Katha Pollitt

The pope has said both men and women can use condoms to protect themselves from HIV.  Can he now say that women can use them to protect themselves from the dangers of pregnancy?

Conservatives don't really want to get rid of abortion rights? This next Congress, we might just find out.

Traveling in South Africa, you learn that one great thing about the country is that no one engages in small talk.

Young feminists aren't disdaining the movement, they're claiming it—but they want a bigger place in it.

Literary taste-making can't be the one place in America where gendered expectations play no role.

In Germany, a strong social safety net keeps people from plunging into the abyss. Why are we so averse to having that security in the United States?

The proposed cultural center in lower Manhattan has become the latest target of the right's all-out attack on the First Amendment.

Conservative housewives have the same desire for power and respect that liberal women do. No wonder women comprise half of the Tea Party movement.


Katha Pollitt
Katha Pollitt is well known for her wit and her keen sense of both the...