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Subject to Debate

Katha Pollitt

How did he dupe us all? Americans love to be inspired by simple solutions to complicated problems—especially when the solutions are cheap and the problems are far away.

Planned Parenthood's funding may have survived, but Congress still trampled on women's rights.

Despite all the talk of shared sacrifice, the drastic slashes to public sector jobs and social programs will hurt women the most.

Not content with depriving women of reproductive healthcare, House Republicans want to starve them and their children too.

Whether you're a tiger mother, a soccer mom, a helicopter parent or something else, if you're not in poverty, then your kids will probably end up okay.

Has it really come to this: an uphill battle to ban a gun that has no purpose except to kill thirty-three people before anyone can stop you?

The response to the allegations against the WikiLeaks founder prove that when it comes to rape, the left still doesn't get it.


Katha Pollitt
Katha Pollitt is well known for her wit and her keen sense of both the...