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Subject to Debate

Katha Pollitt

Why exactly did the telegenic Cambodian campaigner use fake trafficking victims to raise philanthropic cash from Westerners? And when will Nicholas Kristof ever learn?

The country’s abortion restrictions are under fire—and prochoice activists are surprisingly optimistic.

Yes, let’s erase stigma. But feminists, please: let’s not forget to talk about male privilege.

Oh, how we love those Republican “straight-shooters.”

Amid the bad news for women, the year had its bright moments.

Want to help Texas women? African AIDS orphans? Here's how.

Novelist Kate Manning richly reimagines Madame Restell as a defender of women from the horrors of poverty, male privilege and their own physiology.

He seems like a lovely, modest man, but there's no sign he will change the church’s stance on issues that matter to women.


Katha Pollitt
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