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Melissa Harris-Perry

Ginni Thomas's insistence that Anita Hill apologize is an apt metaphor for the long history of blaming black women for social ills.

Predictable Democratic losses in November aren't what we should fear. The real danger is in a political environment unable to build even the most tenuous bridges across partisan divides.

Speech is not the only, or even the most powerful, conduit of racial liberation—or racial oppression.

When we reduce the devastating hurricane to fiction—even really good fiction—we risk making it little more than a trope.

Despite conservative attempts to whitewash what they learn in school, young Americans are a diverse and tolerant bunch—and they know it.

Those who most strongly believe that the world is fair are most likely to reconcile their distress about unearned suffering by blaming the victims.

The first black president has created a definitional crisis for whiteness.

African-American children face threats to their survival, and African-American women are confronted with challenges to their capacity to parent healthy children. But shaming misinformation campaigns do nothing to address these problems.


Melissa Harris-Perry
Melissa Harris-Perry is professor of political science at Tulane University,...