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Sister Citizen

Melissa Harris-Perry

The stakes are high for students unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire.

It’s time to update Nina Simone's iconic song title—the GOP veep candidate is just as extreme on women’s health and rights as he is on economics.

Republicans are turning to tired, failed strategies in an effort to alienate both black and white voters from President Obama.

A diverse democracy requires us to be able to live near one another, to come together in public space and to engage across differences.

Despite the end of Jim Crow, it is once again socially, politically and legally acceptable to presume the guilt of nonwhite bodies.

Today, neither the press nor government has the authority to validate little Virginia's belief in miracles.

More than two weeks after the GOP candidate was accused of sexual harassment, Republican men still support him.

What the legacies of Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Derrick Bell and Steve Jobs could teach the protesters.


Melissa Harris-Perry
Melissa Harris-Perry is a columnist at The Nation and host of MSNBC’s...