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Naomi Klein

Hurricane Gustav should have been political rat poison for the GOP; instead, it became an argument for drilling.

As the planet is rocked by multiple shocks, here's a look at how disaster capitalists are reaping the benefits--leveraging the Iraq War, the push for arctic drilling and the global food crisis.

Before Obama can transform the economy, he has some housecleaning to do.

Nothing terrifies a repressive regime more than a natural disaster.

He should denounce the attacks themselves as racist propaganda.

Bush turns out to be the undertaker of the free market's false promises to ordinary Americans.

Ten years after the massacre of indigenous people in Chiapas, Zapatistas are reading signs that the Mexican government is poised for another wave of repression.

If you're looking for a sure bet in the new growth market, sell solar and buy surveillance. Forget wind, buy weapons.


Naomi Klein
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