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The Liberal Media

Eric Alterman

Is this a politician who, when faced with recalcitrant opposition, would rather switch than fight?

Why do the media believe that they must behave like idiots in order to be “fair” to the Republicans and their idiotic ideas?

Just three years ago, President Obama was an unapologetic Keynesian. Now, he's jumped on the deficit hysteria bandwagon.

Politicians don't just need the billionaire media mogul's cash—they need his newspapers, magazines and TV networks, too.

Academics flocked to a Paris conference in Tony Judt’s memory—but solutions to the growing anti-government absolutism he warned of were scarce.

Wall Street’s refusal to pony up for Obama’s second term is an example of ingratitude mixed with ineptitude on the grandest scale imaginable.

The liars and lunatics serve as a smoke screen for the conservative war on the poor and the middle class.


Eric Alterman
Eric Alterman is a Distinguished Professor of English, Brooklyn College, City...