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The Liberal Media

Eric Alterman

Five years into the Bush Administration, the press corps still can't figure out how to handle the White House's primary media management tactic: lying.

Time magazine's new managing editor has inherited an editorial model that's under siege and a pundit lineup that tilts squarely to the right.

In praise of three giants of American liberalism: John Kenneth Galbraith, Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg and the Rev. William Sloane Coffin Jr.

The FBI's bid to examine Jack Anderson's papers is the latest battle in the Bush Administration's war against the media.

Analytical weaknesses in a controversial academic paper on the impact
of the "Israel lobby" on US Mideast policy hinder its authors' attempt
to pierce the wall of ignorance and intimidation erected around the

Here's an honor roll of people who risked their positions and/or prestige to warn the nation of the Iraq War catastrophe.

With Bush's popularity dropping and Iraq in chaos, Democrats must provide clear leadership without making themselves targets of political assassination by the right. How can they do that when the master story in the media depicts a party in disarray?

The right-wing hijacking of religion's public role in our political
discourse is as undeniable as it is inappropriate, and represents one
of liberalism's most serious problems.


Eric Alterman
Eric Alterman is a Distinguished Professor of English, Brooklyn College, City...