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The Liberal Media

Eric Alterman

Liberals prefer to ignore that when it comes to verbal violence, white radio shock jocks are given the same pass as gangsta rappers.

Progressives need to take on Fox News's ugly propaganda.

Media bigwigs are taking a beating as bloggers challenge their accuracy, integrity and transparency.

Like Elvis, the host of MSNBC's nightly shoutfest just can't help falling in love... with Bush, Giuliani, Thompson, Romney...

Arthur Schlesinger refused to recognize the boundaries most intellectuals accept.

Tom Stoppard's epic Coast of Utopia speaks as much to the state of the American left as it does to the roots of Russia's revolution.

The majority of Americans support fair-trade policies--so why do mainstream pundits treat the idea with so much contempt?

The poisonous William Kristol's consistently wrong on Iraq. Why does he remain a media darling?


Eric Alterman
Eric Alterman is a Distinguished Professor of English, Brooklyn College, City...