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Diary of a Mad Law Professor

Patricia Williams

Don't let the media or the right-wing spinmeisters reduce our first-ever serious black and female presidential candidates to stereotypes.

The combined power of Oprah & Obama could reinvigorate our embattled political landscape.

Contemplating Mukasey, Musharraf and the imprisoned lawyers of Pakistan: how easily a modern liberal democracy can slide into a totalitarian state.

If the stuff of life is corporatized, does art about it become a form of interference in business?

The Bush Administration's Civil Rights Commission would like us to believe that affirmative action harms black students by placing them in situations where they can't keep up.

Congress bows to Bush and passes a law that allows blanket data-mining of all phone calls or e-mail by anyone, anywhere.

As the Supreme Court rules public schools cannot take voluntary action to overcome racial inequality, what's surprising is the lack of outcry.

The latest Supreme Court ruling on the death penalty will give prosecutors huge latitude to pick jurors who enthusiastically embrace capital punishment.


Patricia J. Williams
Patricia J. Williams, a professor of law at Columbia University, was born in...