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Diary of a Mad Law Professor

Patricia Williams

A sobering toast to the dubious achievements of the worst president in American history.

If the American Dream is a form of worship, we need new totems to fit new and troubled times.

As our spanking-new era of optimism dawns, ask yourself, How integrated is your neighborhood?

The real scandal of the year is that Eliot Spitzer, brought low by his own bad behavior, had predatory lenders in his sights.

Andy Warhol would have loved Sarah Palin. She really is the ultimate soup can.

Critiques of Obama's suitability for the presidency are bookended by astonishingly contradictory stereotypes.

Loan-sharking has resurged with global force, cutting across class, race and regions: we're all in the ghetto now.

Why does the fraudulence of the Republican machine remain so widely known and so persistently ignored?


Patricia J. Williams
Patricia J. Williams, a professor of law at Columbia University, was born in...