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Diary of a Mad Law Professor

Patricia Williams

Citizens United raises the questions: why is speech the functional equivalent of money, and why are corporations considered persons?

It is manifestly barbarous that children should be tossed into jail for life.

It's peculiar, the vocabulary that makes a liability out of the Nobel Prize.

When does a society tip from expressive speech into excessive fulmination and then into repression or violence?

What's at stake could very well be nothing less than America's own Weimar moment.

Michael Jackson's fame and fortune ensured he had few barriers to the pursuit of whatever Mad Hatter fancy seized him--including his made-to-order kids.

Elena Kagan has the intellect, toughness and fair-mindedness to make a great Supreme Court justice.

Michelle Obama defies the boxes in which women have been caged, expanding the force field of feminism in ecumenical and unsettling ways.


Patricia J. Williams
Patricia J. Williams, a professor of law at Columbia University, was born in...