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Diary of a Mad Law Professor

Patricia Williams

A right-wing radio host on the vanguard of the English Only movement
provides a platform for religious crazies to keep them from ruining the
funeral of murdered Amish girls.

As Survivor races to the bottom by dividing this season's contenders into race-based tribes, perhaps we can look to Starbucks for new models of how to blend in.

Teaching children to speak across boundaries is the essence of what
integration is all about. It carries all the urgency of global peace.

The digital environs of Facebook and MySpace are ruled by assortive
principles and the misplaced faith that an actuarial table is any kind
of community--beloved, political or otherwise.

In a New York courtroom, a jury must decide whether a hip-hop-loving young white man who beat a young black man with a baseball bat is guilty of assault or a hate crime.

The prosecution of an 8-year-old in New York for wrongful homicide in a school bus accident invokes the "wild child" hysteria of the Central Park jogger case.

Why is it that We the People are so obsessed with whether singing our national anthem in Spanish is an affront to our union?

Bush's goofily unmoored positioning of himself as "the decider" duncifies us all.


Patricia J. Williams
Patricia J. Williams, a professor of law at Columbia University, was born in...