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Diary of a Mad Law Professor

Patricia Williams

Congress bows to Bush and passes a law that allows blanket data-mining of all phone calls or e-mail by anyone, anywhere.

As the Supreme Court rules public schools cannot take voluntary action to overcome racial inequality, what's surprising is the lack of outcry.

The latest Supreme Court ruling on the death penalty will give prosecutors huge latitude to pick jurors who enthusiastically embrace capital punishment.

A "wrongful birth" suit by the parents of a dark-skinned baby conceived in vitro raises disturbing questions about the perception of race.

The case of a severely disabled 9-year-old girl whose parents subjected her to a series of nonessential surgeries raises troubling questions about medical ethics and public policy.

Americans have become so sedated, obsessed and afraid, we are numb to the murders committed in our name.

What, exactly, does America look like to people like Michael Richards, Mel Gibson and Richard Viguerie?

What are we to make of those who would equate Muslim women who wear the veil with the threat of terrorism?


Patricia J. Williams
Patricia J. Williams, a professor of law at Columbia University, was born in...