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Deadline Poet

Calvin Trillin

The plans to start this war were laid
Within the Sissy Hawk Brigade--
A band of Vietnam evaders
All puffed up now as tough crusaders.

The Senate Democrats sat mum,
Like doves afraid to coo.
So history will soon record
This war as their war too.

Whose name stands out like banners made of Day-Glo?
The State Union of Serbia and Montenegro!
What sounds as if it's jerry-built by Lego?

The Kurds are in the way again,
And so, to our dismay again,
If we begin a fray again,
As it appears we may again,
It seems we must betray again

They're relegated to the side.
This role--which they cannot abide,
Which torments Frenchmen day and night--
Can make them do things out of spite.

NOTE: Because of an editorial error, last week's poem was
incorrectly printed. This is a corrected version. Our apologies to
Calvin Trillin (and to Cole Porter). --The Editors

(With apologies to Cole Porter, the master, who wrote "My Heart Belongs to Daddy")


Calvin Trillin
Calvin Trillin, the author of Random House's Deciding the Next Decider:...