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Beat the Devil

Alexander Cockburn

Dope smokers take heart at Obama's stance on medical marijuana.

From the wreckage of capitalism an opportunity for change springs forth.

At almost every level, his choices of people and policy have been calibrated to appease the establishment.

Warning sign one: Obama plans a "fiscal responsibility summit." Warning sign two: entitlements are on the table.

Israel's criminal onslaughts on the Palestinians in Gaza continue amid torrents of supportive speech and prose.

What separates Madoff's Ponzi scheme from the follies of the bailed-out banks, and how is Blagojevich's pay-to-play any different from standard political fundraising?

Why is it so hard for lawmakers, media and moguls to take moral responsibility?

If America loses its domestic auto industry, 5 percent of the workforce may be on the street. Don't workers need a bailout, too?


Alexander Cockburn
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