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Beat the Devil

Alexander Cockburn

Gas-guzzling can be a revolutionary experience, like puffing
Montecristo cigars, now that Citgo's 1,800 gas stations and eight oil
refineries passed into the hands of Venezuela's national oil company.

Americans are becoming more hostile by the day to the war in Iraq,
the nation is demoralized over official abandonment of the victims of
the Gulf Coast storm, but the Democratic Party is missing in action.

There are decades of memos from engineers and contractors setting forth budgets to build up the Gulf Coast's levees, but Bush wouldn't let them be.

The Bush Administration is tongue-tied because it doesn't know what lie to put out next.

Bush may be falling in the polls, but his political agenda is flourishing.

Any deed or disclosure that sabotages the CIA's capacity for covert operations deserves praise.

As long as I've lived in America I've enjoyed the comic ritual known as
the "hunt for the smoking gun," a process by which our official press
tries to inoculate itself and its readers against p

India has a billion people in it, and in reality, maybe 2 percent of them get to fly in a plane or go online.


Alexander Cockburn
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