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Beat the Devil

Alexander Cockburn

Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus has helped a lot of poor women, but
the basic problem in developing countries is landlessness. A $130
microloan won't solve that problem.

America can't talk about the legalization of torture or about Iraq, where soldiers are raping girls and shooting families at close range. It stands to reason they are now obsessed by a Congressional sex scandal.

The world is in tumult, but in the heart of Empire, the level of creative political energy runs flat along the bottom of the graph.

August Bebel once called anti-Semitism the socialism of fools. These days, the 9/11 conspiracy fever is fast becoming the "socialism" of the left.

The Israeli press has criticized the Lebanon disaster from all
political angles. The American press chooses to cheerlead instead,
while liberal Jewry remains silent.

The American government has lost its grasp on reality in Iraq and Lebanon. They seek out the bright, clear problems of war, leaving rubble and corpses in their wake.

As we head into Summer 2006, the world capitalist system is out of control.

Under Karl Rove's deft hand, Bush has been maneuvered from one
catastrophe to another. Why is the left obsessed with him?


Alexander Cockburn
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