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Beat the Devil

Alexander Cockburn

The movement’s urgent challenge is to meet organized repression with organized resistance.

Welcome to the Drone Empire, in which the president's executioners can kill without legal restraint.

Our country has no need for the Keystone pipeline extension.

A bet on a horse in the 1949 Grand National resulted in the largest collective transfer of wealth ever to communism's stalwarts in Britain.

There is ferocious repression across the Middle East. Why are the UN's sights trained only on Libya?

To launch his reelection bid, the president took up a longstanding American tradition: extrajudicial political assassinations.

An invasion of privacy scandal threatens the careers to two of Murdoch's top executives and the apparent heir the News Corp. empire.

There are no effective “safeguards” against nuclear disasters, and Japan’s crisis is only the latest display of the overwhelming risks involved in splitting atoms for energy.


Alexander Cockburn
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