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CIA's New Base in Somalia: The Worst-Kept Secret in Mogadishu

Something is terribly wrong when one can see an ostensibly secret CIA compound in plain site from the tarmac of an international airport. Such is the case in Mogadishu, Somalia, where even the kids on the street know that the walled compound guarded by Somali soldiers in the back corner of Mogadishu‘s Aden Adde International Airport is part of the CIA's increasing involvement in “counterterrorism” efforts in the country. Meanwhile, what many in the US don’t know is that the US government financially supports the training that occurs within the compound.

Jeremy Scahill joined Russia Today to describe his findings in Somalia and the alleged “counterterrorism” policies carried out by the Obama administration. 

Anna Lekas Miller

What Keeps Single Women From Saving for Retirement?

According to a recent Time magazine survey, only 27 percent of unmarried women without a high school diploma have enough money saved for retirement. On today's Sound Off segment on MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry explains how women's social roles—not to mention structural economic constraints—actually make it more expensive to be female in the United States, all of which keeps women from saving for the future.

Kevin Donohoe

Dr. Paul Farmer Addresses the Clinton Foundation's Shoddy, Toxic Haiti Shelters

A recent Nation investigation conducted by Isabeau Doucet and Isabel Macdonald revealed that the shelters in Haiti provided by the Clinton Foundation are dangerously flimsy and filled with toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde. Similar shelters were used in the US as temporary FEMA trailers immediately after Hurricane Katrina, and Clayton Homes, the company that provided those trailers to Americans, is now being sued for formaldehyde levels in the trailers. Why is it that shelters known to be toxic are acceptable for Haitians but not Americans?

Dr. Paul Farmer, the author of Haiti: After the Earthquake and a colleague of Bill Clinton's in Haiti, joined Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! this morning to respond to The Nation's investigation. 

Anna Lekas Miller

Why Won't Michele Bachmann Talk About Her Taxpayer-Funded Anti-Gay Therapy Clinics?

Last week The Nation revealed that presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus own taxpayer-funded clinics that practice “ex-gay therapy” to cure patients of their homosexuality. So far, both Bachmanns have refused to acknowledge the clinics’ activities, raising questions not just about their business but also about Bachmann’s integrity as a candidate.

On MSNBC, Mariah Blake, who broke the story on TheNation.com, joins Reverend Al Sharpton to discuss the clinic’s activities and Bachmann’s failure to address her business’s damaging medical practices. 

Kevin Donohoe 

John Nichols: A Victory for Wisconsin's Real Democrats

Last night in Wisconsin, a real primary of fake candidates took place—in other words, the Republicans recruited “fake” Democrats (allegedly Democratic candidates with a GOP agenda) and ran them in the elections against actual Democrats. Wisconsin Republicans furiously campaigned for thirty-six hours before the election, desperately trying to convince the state’s Democrats not to vote for their candidates. Nevertheless, real Democrats won 70 percent of the primary vote and are now in a good position to take on Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting agenda later this year.

The Nation’s John Nichols joined MSNBC’s Ed Schultz last night to explain what the victory means for the Wisconsin’s Democrats, and put this primary in the context of the state’s upcoming general election.

Anna Lekas Miller

Jeremy Scahill: How Somalia Became a Major Focus of Obama's War on 'Terror'

Since 2009, Somalia has become a major focus point for the Obama administration’s continuation of Bush-era counterterrorism policies. Researching his exclusive report in this week’s issue of The Nation, Jeremy Scahill discovered that amidst the country’s devastating humanitarian crisis, the CIA has not only opened a new base in the capital city but also uses a secret prison in the basement of Somalia’s National Security Agency.

On Democracy Now! this morning, Scahill explains some of the consequences of Washington’s intensifying counterterrorism focus on the country.

Kevin Donohoe

Why Did the Clinton Foundation Fund Dangerous, Unhealthy Trailers in Haiti?

In the wake of Haiti's devastating earthquake last year, the Clinton Foundation funded the construction of hundreds of highly toxic, moldy, searingly hot emergency shelter trailers. Vulnerable to hurricanes and built by the same firm sued for causing sickness in Hurricane Katrina victims, some of the trailers are laced with formaldehyde and have already begun to rot.

On Democracy Now!, Isabel Macdonald and Isabeau Doucet, who exposed the trailer conditions in their recent Nation article, speak about Bill Clinton and Haiti's opaque, perilous reconstruction process.

Kevin Donohoe

Melissa Harris-Perry: Black Families Devastated by the Recession

From 2004 to 2009, African-American families saw their incomes plunge by more than 83%, reversing generations of economics gains and threatening to undermine the black middle class. On her SoundOff segment on MSNBC, Nation columnist Melissa Harris-Perry explains the political history—and some of the dangers—behind today's widening economic gap between the races. 

Kevin Donohoe

Ari Berman: The Public Cares About Jobs, Not the Debt Ceiling

President Obama and Congress should be devoting all the time they've spent on debt ceiling negotiations to actually fostering economic recovery. Yet instead of growing the economy, both political parties have become obsessed with the debt crisis and ignored what the American people really want—jobs. 

On The Dylan Ratigan Show yesterday, The Nation's Ari Berman argues that Washington has once again failed to solve the economic crisis—and instead ceded the political agenda to special interest groups and anti-tax advocates. For more on the debt ceiling debate, read Berman's recent post, Democrats to Obama: Don’t Cut Social Security and Medicare.

Kevin Donohoe

Does Ann Coulter Really Believe the US Bombed Egypt?

In light of recent Supreme Court decisions, is the United States devolving into an oligarchy? Why is NATO still fighting in Libya? And does Ann Coulter really think the United States military intervened in Egypt? 

In a freewheeling discussion on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher that aired last week, The Nation's Washington editor Chris Hayes debates the week's most important news  stories—and calls out Ann Coulter for claiming President Obama bombed Egypt.

Kevin Donohoe

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