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A Progressive Victory in Wisconsin Is a Blow Against Governor Walker

Last night, Wisconsinites in three different Democratic districts headed to the polls and overwhelmingly elected State Democratic Senator Dave Hansen as their candidate for the coming general elections in August. This recall election win is a major progressive victory, not to mention a blow to Scott Walker's infamous union-busting agenda. 

Victorious candidate Senator Dave Hansen and The Nation's John Nichols join The Ed Show to discuss what this means in the context of the general elections and realizing a politically progressive Wisconsin.

Anna Lekas Miller

Melissa Harris-Perry: News Corp. Threatens the Health of Our Media and Our Democracy

America's founders believed that an independent media was even more important to the nation's well-being than a quality government. Yet over the past four decades News Corp. has undermined this value, fostering cozy relationships with those in power instead of standing up for the public interest.

On her Sound Off segment on MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry explains how the close relationship between News Corp. and politicians on both sides of the Atlantic threatens both the health of the media and our democracy. 

Kevin Donohoe

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Is Rupert Murdoch's Fall Inevitable?

Over the past four decades, Rupert Murdoch has bought himself a media empire that spans three continents—and in the process degraded the political discourse of at least three nations. Now revelations that News Corporation hacked into the phones of a murder victim and may have bribed police officers are showing just how low the Murdoch empire is willing to go to make a profit. 

On Russia Today's The Alyona Show, The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel explains how News Corp. has imperiled democracy and what's needed to re-establish a free, responsible media.

Kevin Donohoe

The Obama Doctrine: Drones, Targeted Killings and Secret Prisons

The Bush Doctrine was that the world was our battlefield—we were at liberty to carry out drone attacks and unlawful interrogations throughout the world. But many Americans may be surprised to discover that far from fading away with the former president, these policies have in fact expanded and intensified under President Obama.

As The Nation's Jeremy Scahill explained on MSNBC's Morning Joe today, Obama has succeeded in normalizing and legitimizing these policies that were considered illegal in the extreme only a few years ago. Recounting his recent investigation of increasing CIA involvement in counterterrorism efforts in Somalia, Scahill says we have to decide, "are we a country that operates under the rule of law or do we believe we're emperors who can wage war on the world?"

For more on US involvement in East Africa, read Scahill's article in this week's issue, The CIA's Secret Sites in Somalia, and view a slide show of exclusive photographs from his trip to Mogadishu.

Anna Lekas Miller

How ALEC Is Flooding Statehouses with Pro-Corporate Legislation

In the 2010 midterm election, Republicans won complete legislative control of twenty-one states and the American Legislative Exchange Council was right there with model legislation to help them push through a radical right-wing agenda. Funded by billionaires like the Koch brothers, ALEC has provided the template for more than 800 bills aimed at undermining environmental protection, privatizing education, busting unions and curbing government regulation.

The Nation's John Nichols and the Center for Media and Democracy's Lisa Graves joined MSNBC's The Ed Show to discuss a new joint investigation into the organization's funding, political agenda and legislative impact.  

Kevin Donohoe

CIA's New Base in Somalia: The Worst-Kept Secret in Mogadishu

Something is terribly wrong when one can see an ostensibly secret CIA compound in plain site from the tarmac of an international airport. Such is the case in Mogadishu, Somalia, where even the kids on the street know that the walled compound guarded by Somali soldiers in the back corner of Mogadishu‘s Aden Adde International Airport is part of the CIA's increasing involvement in “counterterrorism” efforts in the country. Meanwhile, what many in the US don’t know is that the US government financially supports the training that occurs within the compound.

Jeremy Scahill joined Russia Today to describe his findings in Somalia and the alleged “counterterrorism” policies carried out by the Obama administration. 

Anna Lekas Miller

What Keeps Single Women From Saving for Retirement?

According to a recent Time magazine survey, only 27 percent of unmarried women without a high school diploma have enough money saved for retirement. On today's Sound Off segment on MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry explains how women's social roles—not to mention structural economic constraints—actually make it more expensive to be female in the United States, all of which keeps women from saving for the future.

Kevin Donohoe

Dr. Paul Farmer Addresses the Clinton Foundation's Shoddy, Toxic Haiti Shelters

A recent Nation investigation conducted by Isabeau Doucet and Isabel Macdonald revealed that the shelters in Haiti provided by the Clinton Foundation are dangerously flimsy and filled with toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde. Similar shelters were used in the US as temporary FEMA trailers immediately after Hurricane Katrina, and Clayton Homes, the company that provided those trailers to Americans, is now being sued for formaldehyde levels in the trailers. Why is it that shelters known to be toxic are acceptable for Haitians but not Americans?

Dr. Paul Farmer, the author of Haiti: After the Earthquake and a colleague of Bill Clinton's in Haiti, joined Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! this morning to respond to The Nation's investigation. 

Anna Lekas Miller

Why Won't Michele Bachmann Talk About Her Taxpayer-Funded Anti-Gay Therapy Clinics?

Last week The Nation revealed that presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus own taxpayer-funded clinics that practice “ex-gay therapy” to cure patients of their homosexuality. So far, both Bachmanns have refused to acknowledge the clinics’ activities, raising questions not just about their business but also about Bachmann’s integrity as a candidate.

On MSNBC, Mariah Blake, who broke the story on TheNation.com, joins Reverend Al Sharpton to discuss the clinic’s activities and Bachmann’s failure to address her business’s damaging medical practices. 

Kevin Donohoe 

John Nichols: A Victory for Wisconsin's Real Democrats

Last night in Wisconsin, a real primary of fake candidates took place—in other words, the Republicans recruited “fake” Democrats (allegedly Democratic candidates with a GOP agenda) and ran them in the elections against actual Democrats. Wisconsin Republicans furiously campaigned for thirty-six hours before the election, desperately trying to convince the state’s Democrats not to vote for their candidates. Nevertheless, real Democrats won 70 percent of the primary vote and are now in a good position to take on Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting agenda later this year.

The Nation’s John Nichols joined MSNBC’s Ed Schultz last night to explain what the victory means for the Wisconsin’s Democrats, and put this primary in the context of the state’s upcoming general election.

Anna Lekas Miller

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