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Jeremy Scahill: Why Did the Senate Let John Brennan Get Away With Murder?

John Brennan is “at the center of a secret process where the White House is deciding who lives and who dies around the world every day,” says Nation national security correspondent Jeremy Scahill about the CIA nominee’s confirmation hearings. “And yet the conversation that took place was as though they were talking about adding a wing onto a school in Idaho.” Scahill, producer and writer of the film Dirty Wars, discusses the failures of yesterday’s Senate hearing on Democracy Now!

—James Cersonsky

For more on the Brennan hearings, check out Greg Mitchell’s analysis

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Does Obama Really Shoot Skeet? Who Cares?

As Barack Obama traveled to Minneapolis to make his case for tougher gun regulations, the news media back in Washington was working itself into a lather over a photo of the president shooting skeet at Camp David.

In another example of "inside-the-beltway media malpractice," the press is distracting itself with irrelevant stunts rather than covering issues people care about, Nation editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel said Monday on MSNBC's The Ed Show. The photo frenzy comes on the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War, when the Washington media displayed a similar lack of accountability, vanden Heuvel noted.

Alec Luhn

Need a quick and popular way to raise revenue? Start by closing corporate loopholes, Katrina vanden Heuvel writes.

Dave Zirin: Where Sports, Politics and the Kardashians Collide

“A lot of people think sports and politics go together like Dick Cheney and a falafel sandwich,”" says Nation writer Dave Zirin. Appearing on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, Zirin discusses how he came to appreciate the politics of sport, the possibility of an openly gay athlete and more from his new book, Game Over

James Cersonsky

Watch Dave Zirin talk up sports and politics on MSNBC. 

Sharif Abdel Kouddous: 'Right Now, Egypt Is Ungovernable'

Reporting from Port Said, Egypt, frequent Nation contributor Sharif Andel Kouddous explains why the young Egyptian government could be on the brink of collapse.

Watch more updates from Kouddous at DemocracyNow.org.

Nick Turse: The US Military Regularly Killed Civilians in Vietnam

The My Lai massacre, in which US soldiers gunned down hundreds of unarmed Vietnamese civilians, shocked America and helped turn public opinion against the Vietnam War. Now, a new book by Nick Turse, an Investigative Fund Fellow at The Nation Institute, has revealed that My Lai was not an isolated atrocity: The United States deliberately killed civilians throughout the course of the conflict.

The killing of non-combatants "stemmed from deliberate policies that were dictated at the highest levels of the US military" and was amplified by excessive firepower, Turse said in an interview on NPR's Fresh Air. The author also recounted how he slept in his car in the National Archives parking lot for several nights in order to copy files on atrocities that were later removed.

Alec Luhn

Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam came out on Metropolitan Books earlier this month.

The Nation recently published an excerpt from Kill Anything That Moves.

Dave Zirin: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down

With the the global economic crisis, the ascendance of Barack Obama and the movement for LGBT equality in sports, the relationship between sports and politics has become increasingly complex, Nation writer Dave Zirin says. Major sports outlets, however, haven’t given due time to these developments—“It’s like, if they were reporting on the revolutionary war, and all they could talk about were the type of muskets people were using.” Zirin talks with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin about his new book, Game Over: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down.

—James Cersonsky

Read Zirin’s post on the rising tide of LGBT consciousness in the NFL. 

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Rethinking Perpetual War and How We Wage It

When Barack Obama spoke out against “perpetual war” in his inaugural address last week, it gave some hope that our policy of war-mongering could change—even as others pointed out that we continue to expand drone warfare and covert ops.

As part of a panel of experts on Nation blogger Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC show, Nation editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel said we need to ask ourselves if global war is the really the way to fight terrorism. How do we keep tabs on bloated defense spending, escalating drone warfare and special ops?

Alec Luhn

Nation Institute fellow Jeremy Scahill has investigated cover ops in his new documentary, which won the Sundance Cinematography Award.

Sharif Abdel Kouddous: Two Years On, Nothing Much Has Changed in Egypt

On the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, people have once again gathered in squares across the country to protest continued economic inequality under President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Protesters have many of the same chants today as they call for bread, freedom and social justice and for the downfall of the regime, Nation contributor Sharif Abdel Kouddous told Amy Goodman on Friday’s Democracy Now! Clashes have been breaking out near Tahrir Square and in Alexandria.

Alec Luhn

Sharif Abdel Kouddous last reported for The Nation on Egypt's constitutional crisis.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: A Center-Left America Is Already Here

Barack Obama’s inaugural speech on Monday drew criticism from conservatives over what they perceived as the president’s overly liberal agenda. In an appearance on The Ed Show on Tuesday, Nation editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel lauded the speech, arguing that Obama’s defense of progressive government articulated an agenda that the majority of Americans already support.

“I think that we’ve seen a left-center emerge over these last years but that too often the media doesn’t pay attention to it,” vanden Heuvel said.

The American media must also begin to reflect that joblessness, not deficit and debt, is the major crisis of our time, and that our great struggle is the fight against corporate control of the political system, she added.

Alec Luhn

Katrina vanden Heuvel last appeared on Current TV’s The War Room to discuss gun control.

Katha Pollitt and Sarah Posner: Why the Double Standard for Abortion Rights and 'Viagra Rights'?

"In America, people like to think the truth lives in the middle," Nation columnist Katha Pollitt says. For abortion rights, "It has to mean less rights for her—that's the only way moderation can go." On bloggingheads.tv, Pollitt talks with author Sarah Posner about the relationship between abortion rights and religion freedom, the double standard applied to men's bodily autonomy and Todd Akin's theory of "legitimate rape."

James Cersonsky

For more on the myths and meanings of "pro-choice" rhetoric, read Katha Pollitt's column in this week's issue of The Nation

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