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on Jan 27, 2013 - 17:20 PM ET

Here is one iron law of the Internet: a social network’s emphasis on monetizing its product is directly proportional to its users’ loss of privacy.

At one extreme there are networks like Craigslist and Wikipedia, which pursue relatively few profits and enable nearly absolute anonymity and privacy. At the other end of the spectrum is...

Internet and New Media
on Jan 14, 2013 - 14:13 PM ET

Barney Frank with senators Nancy Pelosi, right, and Steny Hoyer, left, in 2008. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta.)

Governor Deval Patrick is deciding who will be the next senator from Massachusetts, assuming that John Kerry is confirmed as secretary of state. No one else has any official say in the decision, but many liberal activists are betting...

on Dec 17, 2012 - 15:12 PM ET

Will this time be any different?

As Americans try to process another horrific mass shooting, many have asked whether anything will change, given all the shootings that have come before. In one measurable way, however, the murder of innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary School is already different.

It is driving the largest organic push for gun control in many years. In fact, by Monday afternoon, calls for gun regulation on the White House...

on Dec 10, 2012 - 13:53 PM ET

The election may be over, but the Obama campaign’s e-mails are still coming.

On Monday, Obama campaign aide Stephanie Cutter e-mailed supporters asking for help in pressuring Congress to back the president’s tax plan. And in contrast to many past forays into Obama’s e-mail advocacy—which focused on broadly “building support” or thanking Democratic politicians who were...

on Dec 2, 2012 - 15:37 PM ET

How many Obama campaign volunteers want to keep organizing to help push President Obama’s agenda in his second term?

At least 800,000.

That is the number of people who, after months of campaigning and hundreds of e-mails, still hit reply to a post-election survey from the Obama campaign and said they “want to keep volunteering.” Another 100,000 said they are interested in running for office someday, according to Obama field director Jeremy...

Barack Obama, US Politics, Senate
on Nov 7, 2012 - 13:26 PM ET

President Obama’s re-election marks the most decisive mandate for an assertive, progressive governing model in well over a generation.

It is worth beginning with a memory. Barack Obama was first elected after a period of profound failure by elite and government institutions, from finance to foreign policy to Hurricane Katrina, and his first term immediately and unapologetically enacted a flurry of government solutions.

The new president used federal...

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