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Will Ned Lamont Get Connecticut AFSCME's Endorsement?

Watch for tonight's vote at the Connecticut AFSCME Council 4 meeting. A high-level source in the Lamont campaign told me last night that it looks likely that Council's members will vote to endorse Lamont-- even though they endorsed Lieberman in the primary.

Last night, AFSCME 4's steering committee voted to give Lamont the nod. Tonight, that motion is being taken up by the Council's 150 delegates. Chances that sanity will prevail -- and the Council will endorse the real Democratic candidate -- are pretty good considering that 60% is required to override the steering committee's recommendation.

Both Lamont and Lieberman will make a showing at this crucial meeting --sometime in early evening.

With AFSCME such a powerful presence in the AFL, tonight's vote could well lead to the AFL endorsing Lamont. Watch here for an update on the vote.

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