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Wal-Mart's Conduct in Phillipines Gets Worse

Some people are outraged that Wal-Mart spied on a New York Times reporter. But the company's behavior to workers overseas is much worse.

Wal-Mart is pulling out of the Chong Won factory, the plant in the Phillipines I wrote about last month. "Cutting and running" may be an easy way for a company to look as if it's taking a stand against supplier misconduct, but it doesn't help the workers.

Chong Won workers don't want to lose their jobs; they are fighting to be able to organize a union, without fear of violence and intimidation. Wal-Mart is doing the wrong thing, and shouldn't get away with it.

Tell Rajan Kamalanathan(rkamala@wal-mart.com) Wal-Mart's director of compliance, that the company needs to keep doing business with Chong Won, and use its muscle to force the factory to respect workers' rights.

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