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Murray Energy Corporation Replies

You recently published an article containing blatantly false statements about Murray Energy Corporation, and its chief executive officer. We write to you today to set the record straight.

The article wrongly states that “Murray Energy…was caught forcing its workers to stand behind Romney at a political rally.” Murray Energy Corporation never forced its workers to stand behind Governor Romney, nor did our “CEO call out in e-mails employees who did not donate to his list of preferred GOP candidates,” as you also wrote.

Approximately 500 hourly coal miners recently signed a letter to the public rebutting these baseless allegations. They also purchased two full-page newspaper advertisements, with their names listed, which stated:

We as employees understand we have the right to support any candidate we should choose for any office. We would like the public to know we were not forced to attend the Romney Political Rally on 8/14/2012. We chose to be there. We arrived knowing we would not be paid, and we approved of this. If we have donated funds to a political candidate or political action committee, it is because we elected to do so. We are proud to be employed by and associated to Mr. Robert E. Murray. We stand behind you Robert E. Murray and Mitt Romney.

The Nation should be certain of the facts before you so unfairly attack a company and its founder and chief executive officer in such a biased, false and unforgivable manner.

Murray Energy Corporation Assistant General Counsel and Media Director Gary M. Broadbent

Saint Clairsville, OH

Nov 29 2012 - 1:40am

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