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"Charismatic personalities"

A very nice article about Ms. Palin. To be accurate, to blame for Sarah Palin are two prominent politicians who chose to be dazzled by Sarah's early governorship in Alaska and to bring her into the national Spotlight as the VP candidate on the Republican ticket in 2008. The two men are Newt Gingrich and John McCain. All that followed has been the result of a "charismatic personality" taking hold in the modern media world. A very similar experience has occurred for the Democrats with the ascension of another poorly placed political figure, Barack Obama. Palin and Obama dazzled older and wiser heads… and without requiring the kind of long, hard work most people were expected to perform in the "old days," whether it was politics or business, Obama and Palin were catapulted into the public consciousness, and we are all suffering the just awful results.

Roger Kent

Norcross, GA

Sep 2 2010 - 6:12pm

Progressive cluelessness

The title tells the story of progressives' blindness in as concise a fashion possible. 1. Progressives guiding taste and politics, and in doing so causing backlash? 2. The American Middle as a body to be manipulated with the right set of words and deeds? (Do any of you fools have teenagers?) 3. Palin as a malignant force? By the way, the mosque objections are about honor. Glenn Beck taps into a sense of loss. Honor: A History, by James Bowman, might help you.

Steve Curtis

Petaluma, CA

Aug 31 2010 - 11:40am

Why do you malign the grizzly ?

You malign the noble grizzly by calling that scumbag Sarah Palin by that name.

Bogos Kalemkiar

Toronto, CANADA

Aug 31 2010 - 10:19am

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