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On Weinergate: In Defense of Acting Like an Adult

Congressman Weiner should resign

After reading many comments readers have posted since the Weiner episode first became public, it is extremely depressing that apparently so many Americans feel we should have zero standards in our elected officials and believe the congressman's conduct is a personal matter and no one else’s business. This is what the late great Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan called the dumbing down of morality, and this says a great deal about the lack of accountability we expect in our public officials.

Married or not, an elected official should not be tweeting photos of a sexual nature to women nor should he be engaging in telephone sex with several women or doing so via the Internet. This is conduct unbecoming a person that sits in Congress, and Congressman Weiner, if he is more concerned about doing the right thing rather than his obsession with staying in power, should immediately resign. What he has proven to everyone is that his main concern is not his constituents but himself.

There are 310 million people living in America and only 535 men and women get the honor of serving their country as a congressman or senator. This is not a right but a privilege and an honor, and we have every right to expect the people we elect to uphold standards of decency and morality. When we as Americans look the other way and do not care when our representatives violate their oath of office by engaging in inappropriate behaviour we dumb down our expectations and get to the point that as long as the representative is supposedly doing their job we do not care what kind of behaviour they engage in while in office. And that is wrong.

We, as citizens, have every right and expectation that the people we elect to serve us do not embarass us and do not engage in activities that embarass the Congress and embarass their constituents. What Mr. Weiner did may be legal, but if he wants to engage in this kind of behavior he may be free to do so, but let him do so after he resigns from Congress. We have a right to expect and demand better from our public officials.

Mark Jeffery Koch

Cherry Hill, NJ

Jun 8 2011 - 3:13pm