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Tim Pawlenty's Extreme Antichoice Record

Nothing extreme about it

I am not terribly familiar with the Minnesotan, but I have to ask Zornick, Is this all there is? Far from being “extreme,” Pawlenty’s positions seem decidedly moderate and reasonable; in fact, they mirror what was standard thinking about this grisly procedure for the first 200 years of America’s history. In my mind, the radical and unacceptable notions are those seemingly espoused by Zornick, who wants to find fault with Pawlenty simply because the latter’s opinions are “clearly deeply held.”

Not all progressives see unfettered abortion as a right or indeed as progress of any kind at all. For many of us, it is rather the complete denial of the most basic right to a totally defenseless human being. Until the left in the United States comes to understand this fact, Democrats like me, Democrats who believe Franklin Roosevelt was the greatest president our party ever produced, will be forced to sit on our hands during every election. We await the nomination of candidates with the social and economic vision of Mr. Roosevelt, but the common sense of someone like Pawlenty. Till then, we’ll just watch, thank you.

John Grimes

Rochester, NH

May 24 2011 - 3:13pm