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The Senate Hears Tales From the Struggling Middle Class

Ruined by Wall Street rapaciousness

Although Congressional hearings succeed in putting a human face on statistical reality, the statistics speak loudly enough about the sad course our nation is on. During the last several decades the wealthy have become more so, and the middle class and poor have struggled. That is what the numbers indisputably show. Further, the cost of healthcare and education, important keys needed to stablize and enhance people's lives, has skyrocketed beyond the grasp of the common person. Although Wall Street caused an economic collapse, exacerbated by two unfunded wars and decreased tax revenues, the wealthy demand that our finances be put in order on the backs of folks like the Greubels. It appears that in order to prevent another financial calamity, ordinary people will be squeezed again while the wealthy can retain their obscene largesse.

Most depressing, the president, who rhetorically "feels the pain" of the man on the street, actively seeks comaraderie with representatives of the greedy on the golf course. It is time not to make the point that we are all alike in the way we play a game but to insist that those who have prospered owe this society a debt that can only be repaid with hard cash handed over to the tax collector.

It is time to invest capital on Main Street; this rainy spring has taken care of the golf courses.

Asher Fried

Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Jun 24 2011 - 10:05am