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The Rise of the Austerity Hawk Democrats

Anti-stimulus, not debt reduction

The endless selling of “debt reduction” by Republicans has duped people once again as this jingo phrase has been picked up by the 24/7 news cycle and pressed into the national DNA.

Debt is generally thought to be “bad” by the general public and reducing it would therefore be considered a good thing. The perception then for all those people that aren’t paying close attention is that the neocon and Tea Party Republicans are campaigning for something worthwhile.

Nothing could be further from the truth, because what the Republicans are actually doing is anti-stimulus. Government spending was increased by the Obama administration to heal a wounded economy and when the economy began to respond positively, the Republicans did the opposite and reduced government spending, which negates the benefit of stimulus.

Would you ever take an antidote for a medicine that is curing you? I didn’t think so! Debt reduction is “anti-stimulus” and anti-jobs and anti-recovery and inappropriate until after we are in a full blown economic recovery.

Are we watching kabuki theatre that has the monied interests standing up one at a time denying that the impending disaster has anything to do with them while in reality they worked and voted in tandem with the bogus Tea Party and share common financiers. Keep an eye on what the Republicans do and not what they say, because together they have blocked any legislation that would benefit the majority of our citizens..

Bill Hague

Hoboken, NJ

Jul 28 2011 - 11:40pm

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