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Tea Party kicking your be-hinds

Just look at you. Reading this convoluted post of claims and reverse claims and counter-claims of racism, one gets to the end and realizes that the Tea Party has you in knots, and is kicking your butts down Main Street to boot. You have fallen hopelessly into a snare that tightens with each kick you make.

The trap is obvious to any cool-headed outsider. The wingnuts are shovelling manure up into the wind and making you fight off every splatter coming your way. They can shovel a whole lot faster than you will ever be able to wipe it off. Lies and crazy self-conflicting stories have the same value as truths on TV. With the mighty Fox News as the wind at their backs, there is an endless army of Breitbarts and Becks with nothing more than time, imagination and very big shovels.

But look at your foolish strategies here and elsewhere in the media. There's barely an utterance, ignorant, stupid, outrageous or otherwise from the main cast of Palin, Beck, Gingrich, Bachmann, Williams, Breitbart that isn't headline news for the left; complete with pictures, and accompanied by shocked commentary from some well-known scold of the left. The attacked are feeding the attacker. You provide more sensational headlines for them than they could ever purchase through the best Public Relations firms. You willingly pump and fluff their guerrilla war tactic of using your media for their message. Brilliant! And massively effective! (Go ask your legal department about winning cases of "He said, she said.")

 I cruise daily through all the media on the web and TV and in print, and without the undying, committed, dedicated efforts of the left to place these wing-nuts prominently on the front page each day, I fear they would simply wither away from lack of attention and die. You might do well to take a step backwards and see how this is working for you.

Mark Deneen

Eureka, CA

Jul 25 2010 - 9:52am

The right wing's worst nightmare is a progressive, African-American president

Barack Obama is the right wing's worst nightmare. They were going to resort to their usual distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies no matter which Democrat was elected presiden,t but the fact that the first African-American president was elected caused the right wing to go into panic mode and desperation. They have questioned where he was really born, questioned the allegiance to America of the first lady, called him a socialist, accused him of favoring black Americans over white Americans, accused him of being a closet Muslim out to destroy America and Israel, and they do whatever they possibly can to turn the American people against him.

They disparage every contribution he has made, and let there be no doubt, whatever your political leanings may be, without the stimulus package the United States economy would have melted down and we would be in a deep depression and more than twice the millions that are out of work now would be out of work today without the stimulus. Obama had a choice between huge deficits or saving the country from outright collapse, and he chose the only wise course any true leader would.

Although the healthcare bill needs to be revised to enact more cost containment and to include more robust tort reform, the fact remains that more than 30 million Americans will have medical insurance that never had it before. That alone is an achievement that has eluded every president for the past sixty years and should be lauded, not denigrated.

The financial reform package isn’t as strong as it should be, but it is far better than anything we ever had before, and it will help enormously to prevent more Wall Street barons from bankrupting our country while they abscond with the savings of everyday workers.

Obama is a black man and that alone has caused the right wing to go apocalyptic and predict the end of America because this black man is in the White House. The right wing in America, and the far right wackos like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Coulter and the fools who drink their Kool-Aid are doing whatever they can to scare the bejeesus out of everyday men and women in America with their lies about Obama wreaking havoc on our country. They fail to acknowledge anything he has done that is bettering the lives of everyone. The war in Iraq is winding down, a war we never should have fought that has taken the lives of 5,000 soldiers while wounding more than 30,000. He is trying his best in Afghanistan, a country we ignored after 9/11 while putting all of our resources attacking Saddam Hussein, who had no part in 9/11 nor did he have any weapons of mass destruction. He has restored the reputation of America as country that seeks multi-lateral solutions to the worlds ills rather than acting unilaterally like a bull in a china job the way Bush did.

The right wing in the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party will deny they are racists and that Obama’s race has anything to do with them working day and night to tear him down, but like most of their agenda and their beliefs, it is one giant lie they will never publicly admit. It’s driving them crazy to have a black man in the Oval Office, and what they have yet to learn is that hatred and racism will not put people back to work, will not heal the sick, will not help the elderly and infirmed, nor will it restore America to be the light of nations it once was and that Obama is working hard to see make happen again. Their deep-seated racial antipathies towards Obama is what is hampering our recovery and our greatness as a nation, not anything Obama has done or has tried to do. Let the truth be told.

Mark Jeffery Koch

Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA

Jul 22 2010 - 2:09pm