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Killing the 'Killing' Words

Blame the perpetrator and those who ignored his strange behavior

Twenty-five thousand people are murdered by handguns every year but when a heinous act against a politician occurs it is suddenly the fault of Fox News, Sarah Palin and the gun lobby. The left has disgracefully and despicably used this horrible tragedy to go after people whose views they do not like. Targeting politicians with bull's eyes in an election was begun by Bob Beckel, a liberal Democrat and campaign manager for Walter Mondale more than thirty years ago.

The left wing and their leftist supporters perhaps need to read more about the deranged man who murdered six innocent people. According to information law enforcement has turned up, he planned these events as far back as 2007—before anyone had ever heard of Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, stimulus packages, healthcare bills, etc. Get your facts straight before you brand anyone who disagrees with you about being somehow in complicit with the deranged loser who murdered innocent people.

Instead of blaming other politicians, the blame should be targeted at the absurd privacy laws that the left has forced upon the American people. At Virginia Tech a mentally ill student murdered thirty-two innocent people in cold blood. After the horrible shooting spree had ended, we learned that he had been given psychological tests that showed he was a danger to himself and to society, but the authorities were not allowed to tell his parents about this because of privacy laws. The parents had the responsibility to pay for his tuition, room and board, but were not allowed to be informed that their son was a danger to others. When they were finally informed, it was to come to the morgue and identify his body after he murdered almost three dozen people. Privacy should never, ever trump public safety.

Reports show that the deranged person who murdered six innocent people was behaving so abnormally that students from his classroom would sit close to the door fearing that one day he would come in with a gun and start shooting people. The school administration and law enforcement were apprised about all his asocial behavior, but they did absolutely nothing about it. Suspending him from school meant washing their hands clean of a problem they had to know would someday resurface in the future with terrible results, but as long as it didn't happen on their campus, I guess they did not care.

We need to revise our gun control laws and not have a declaration by a court of law that the person applying for the gun permit is mentally ill as the only criterion for denying a person a weapon. This sick individual should never have been allowed to get his hands on any weapon.

I am a Democrat and an enthusiastic Obama supporter and do not want to see any group blamed for the awful event in Tucson. There is plenty of vile rhetoric on both sides of the aisle, but that is not the reason this sick individual acted as he did. We have to be more forceful with removing people from the streets who are a danger to themselves and society. If the authorities had acted properly this person would either have been institutionalized or getting therapy, but instead we as a nation are mourning the loss of six innocent lives, six people who had every right to live a long life filled with happiness and good health. It did not have to be this way.

Mark Jeffery Koch

Cherry Hill, NJ

Jan 11 2011 - 12:25pm